The new world: Rediscover your customer & Reinvent your business |
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The new world:
Rediscover your customer
& Reinvent your business

The new world: Rediscover your customer & Reinvent your business

In these times of uncertainty, the team at ATOM would like to reach out to say hello and see how YOU are doing? We are managing during this unprecedented event and wish you the best as well. Our journey continues on while we work remotely practicing social distancing as society works responsibly to flatten the curve. We pray that the effects on you, your family and your business are minimal. 

While the impact is great to businesses across the country and around the world we have had many discussions about companies realizing how the world has changed and so has the realization that the customers have as well. We would like to offer our thoughts and insights with you to consider and put practices into place NOW so you can refine focus or pivot in order to be best prepared and step into the future:   

- Rediscover your customer
- Reinvent your business

Ever notice when you're peering through a crystal ball the world is inverted?

Up is down and down is up.

Distorting the entire horizon from the standpoint of the viewer. In this case, your company is simply looking into its future; the customer, its brand or its service offering all from a new outlook.

If you think you knew your customers before, then think again.  In a matter of less than a calendar month, the COVID-19 event has turned the world, markets and society upside down and your customer’s expectations related to your products, brand, and services most likely have evolved in dramatic ways. 

Follow this link to learn more how you can learn more about them and turn your world right-side up. 


STREAM Research is the next generation insight tool that takes the uncertainty out of innovation planning. Our proprietary research method uses Voice of the Customer and Open Innovation methods, through massive online communities; drawing in crucial insights and narratives to inspire and empower innovative brand, product, and service solutions. The results from STREAM Research are both qualitative and quantitative which we use in tandem with product development.

This ultimately delivers the confidence and ability to get to market faster and generate revenue immediately as a result of knowing that your target audience will adopt, embrace and aspire to own the solution that gets launched!

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