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Blend it, chop it, shake it, dice it!

April 2, 2015 Tery Spataro + Kirsten Rutherford


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In 2014, we learned that consumers have been thinking a lot about their lifestyle! They are time and cash strapped, and are becoming more concerned about their health and wellness. Consumers found time to search for ways to stay fit and well, and cater to their need to be healthy. There are more than 31 million online posts about dieting and eating healthy from December 1st, 2013 through June 1st, 2014. The most prolific topic mentioned, in over 386,000 conversations is probiotics. As the hero for health, probiotics, was discussed more than kale, spinach and quinoa. Consumers feel really good about probiotics. Dispersed throughout the conversations about probiotics is reflections on cancer, fitness, diabetes, obesity and heart health.

Probiotics?! What is this mysterious substance that caused the storm of millions of online posts? Probiotics consist of live bacteria and yeast that helps promote good health especially for digestion.

The healthy eating trends have led to consumers to make changes to their lifestyle. In 2014, consumers purchased brewing systems, blenders, choppers and mixers indicating a desire for cleaner eating. Consumers wanting less stressful lives, seek convenience and add activities that will promote well-being. When making a decision on what to buy, consumers’ purchase motivators are price, good value, brand and features. Time strapped, budget minded consumers desiring a healthy lifestyle, will look for transparency in products they purchase, and the food they consume.

What’s in store for 2015? The connection between consumer’s lifestyle and their home products is becoming a tighter bond. Product managers are assessing whether the internet of things [IoT] has a purpose in the kitchen and in the lives of the consumer. Consumers are wondering whether everyday objects should caave network connectivity to send and receive information, can IoT enhance their experience with cooking, help to feed their family, and add value to their life. As products become more technologically sophisticated and connected to the lives of the people serve, these products will have an important purpose to the health and wellness of consumers.

Let’s all join in and blend it, chop it, shake it, dice it! Do it harder, make us better!


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