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South Scottsdale

Challenge - Scottsdale’s McDowell Road, once the booming commercial center for Scottsdale, experienced a significant economic downturn beginning in the ‘90s as the city expanded rapidly towards the north. The closure of Los Arcos Shopping Mall, and the relocation of many anchor retailers and auto dealerships, left behind decaying structures, empty lots, and for-sale signs.

The Scottsdale Gateway Alliance (SGA) is a private sector organization dedicated to advancing revitalization and investment opportunities along the McDowell Road Corridor, which is where Scottsdale was originally established in 1894. As Board Members of the SGA, Jodi and Yani Deros were an integral part of this effort.

Solution - Community participation and feedback are at the heart of every great rebranding effort, and for South Scottsdale, it was no small feat. Over 15 months, the SGA had an extensive grass roots effort that included knocking on doors, community events and focus groups; Social Media campaigns; and phone surveys. This allowed them to identify the four branding pillars for South Scottsdale: Quality of Life, Location, Outdoor Recreation, and Unique Mid-century Architectural Style.

With that research information, ATOM was tasked to deliver a brand that would be embraced by South Scottsdale residents. To achieve this, ATOM initiated a 14-week STREAM Research community, where nearly 300 South Scottsdale residents participated in an evolving online discussion. During the study, 25 different activities were launched in the online community, which involved open forum discussions and private online surveys. This facilitated a dialogue that allowed members to talk broadly about their community providing feedback on desired amenities and needs, points of interest, preferred outdoor activities, real estate development, and much more.

This created a narrative for a much focused brand and identity exercise that showed South Scottsdale is made unique by its residents; they are diverse with an inviting nature; value a sense of progress; have healthy, active and sustainable lifestyles; appreciate nature and the outdoors; and actively seek out the beauty in each day. For that reason, the humming bird, a symbol for the enjoyment of life and lightness of being, was created by ATOM as the logo and foundation of a new identity for South Scottsdale.

Results - In March 2017, more than 200 residents of South Scottsdale, along with Scottsdale city leaders and business representatives, gathered at ASU Sky Song Innovation Center for the unveiling of a comprehensive identity for the area including the rebranding effort and new logo. Together, the SGA and ATOM’ s ability to engage city agencies, community groups, and private sector experts, lay the groundwork to revitalize an aging, less appealing area of the city and establish a dynamic, livable, and sustainable area for the residents that call South Scottsdale home.

Services - Community Branding, STREAM Research, Graphic Design, Logo Design

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