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S2Hammer - Register

S2Hammer - Register

So you are the lucky recipient of ATOM's S2 Hammer. Now what? Please fill in your information below so we can follow you and your project through its phases. We are excited to see your creation come to life. As part of the project, all we ask is that you post it to our Facebook page or Twitter or send us your documentation of the progess. You can be as creative as you like with what and how you share and even why! We will then make it a great story and post it to our page for others to follow.

We know it will be hard to part with but we ask that you PASS it along to another creative person with a project. Each hammer has a serial number and we are excited to see the journeys it will take!

Thank you for participating in this fun project!

For any questions please contact us at

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3.    I understand that this Vaughan S2 Framing Hammer is surrendered by ATOMdesign and Vaughan Manufacturing with the understanding that the recipient assumes all liabilities resulting from unsafe operation. ATOMdesign and Vaughan Manufacturing shall not be liable for personal injury resulting from the use of this Vaughan S2 Framing Hammer under any circumstance.

If you as a user do not accept liability, ATOMdesign and Vaughan Manufacturing request that you do not use a Vaughan S2 Framing Hammer. By using this Vaughan S2 Framing Hammer, you release ATOMdesign and Vaughan Manufacturing of any and all liability associated with its use.

Please note this product, the Vaughan S2 Framing Hammers, is designed for framing. It is up to the user to determine fitness for any other application. The manufacturer and all affiliated parties offer no warranty as to fitness or performance for a particular application. We are not responsible for any damage to personal property from the usage of the Vaughan S2 Framing Hammer.
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