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September 24, 2015

Local Firm Changes Their Name, and Makes a Big Move

ATOM has never been just about design. After 12+ years and 275+ products/technologies developed and launched we are changing our identity. With much contemplation and deliberation over making a change the final revelation came naturally. We innovate and develop products/technologies from SEED concept through to manufacturing. So it is no small wonder that ATOM Innovation + Product Development is our newly appointed nomenclature.

Our logo changed too, but the brand essence remains intact. Orange is a bold color that underscores the energy and vitality we exhibit as a company combined with the expertise to take on the toughest challenges and solve problems as a world-class team.

ATOM Changes Name.jpg

If evolving our name and brand wasn’t enough transformation - We have expanded to the city in which our founders came from- BOSTON, MA. Our new office at the Cambridge Innovation Center locates us squarely in the midst of the huge technology and medical community that continues to thrive thanks to the world-class Universities and Institutions such as MIT and Harvard who are now our new neighbors!

This location houses over 500 start-up and global corporation and has the distinction of possessing the largest concentration of Venture Capital in one location anywhere in the world- Latest figure $7.5 Billion- yes with a B!

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Lastly to celebrate the opening of our new office we are hosting the 5th anniversary of The Venture Café at the CIC during Hubweek- join us and hundreds of other leading innovators and technologists from the Boston area for our official launch!

                                                           SAVE THE DATE!!
                                                          October 8th, 5-8pm
                                                  Cambridge Innovation Center
                                                     One Broadway 5th Floor
                                                            Cambridge, MA

RSVPs are not necessary but we would like to know who is coming so we can plan on seeing you.

We would love to hear any input on all of our newness and certainly look forward to catching up with all of our local friends in Beantown!!

April 8, 2015


Massachusetts College of Art and Design Alumni Profile: Jodi and Yani Deros '91 

Partners in life and work, Jodi and Yani Deros are creative collaborators, innovators, and risk takers. The two first met as sophomore design students at MassArt. They later married and each pursued successful careers in the Boston area—Jodi in advertising and branding and Yani in product development. In 2001, when Yani accepted a new opportunity to work for a medical start up developing non-invasive glucose technology, they moved to Arizona and fell in love with the area where he was part of the executive team that raised $32 million and proceeded to develop numerous generations of this Star Trek medical technology.

After a successful run at the company and recognizing the growing need for world-class design services in the area, Jodi and Yani merged professional forces in 2003 to found ATOM, which has grown into an internationally-recognized product development firm and an innovation hub in the Southwest.


October 16, 2014

ATOM Massimo 1200 v3 ATOM Massimo 1200 Dash iPad

Massimo Motor Partners with ATOM to Launch Outdoors Hybrid Utility Terrain Vehicle (HUTV™) with First Ever iPad® Dashboard Integration

Massimo Motor 1200 Series HUTV, 100 percent designed and assembled in U.S.A.

ORLANDO, AIMExpo, Booth 1454, October 16, 2014 — Featuring the first ever iPad® integration into the dashboard of a Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV), Massimo Motor unveiled its innovative 1200 Series today to its dealers amidst a rapidly growing market. Continuing its partnership with award winning product development firm ATOM, the series creates a new category of Hybrid Utility Terrain Vehicles (HUTV™) by launching a solution that bridges the utility, sport and on-road markets.

High resolution images of the Massimo 1200 Series HUTV and its digital dashboard can be downloaded here:

Debuting as the most powerful and fastest stock UTV on the market, the 1200 Series HUTV is the centerpiece of a rapidly growing company committed to innovation, quality and unparalleled service. The 1200 HUTV is on display at in the Massimo Motor booth #1454 at the premier trade and consumer outdoor motor show in North America, AIMExpo, October 15-19, 2014 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Designed and built from the ground up in an intensive development program that delivered a new vehicle platform in an incredibly rapid seven months, the 1200 HUTV is the second UTV ATOM has delivered to Massimo Motor in two years.

“We applied our talented and experienced team leveraging our rapid development process to design, engineer and deliver the entirely new 1200 HUTV within an incredibly intense and compressed timeframe,” said Yani Deros, CEO and founder, ATOM. “The results of this effort delivered a market-ready solution in a third of the time as compared to other larger brands which can take up to three to four years to complete a single new model. It’s a stunning example of the relationship and partnership we have built with the Massimo Motor team as we collectively strive to transform the entire market and category together.”

Fueling Massimo Motor’s rapid rise to a leadership position in the off-road industry, ATOM is complimenting its design and development effort by also creating the national branding and advertising campaign for the company. These combined product development and branding / marketing services are a shining example of ATOM’s commitment as a national innovation and creative firm that offers one-stop-shop capabilities to corporations of all sizes when it comes to developing and launching new products, technology and markets across North America.

“The outdoors utility market is an exploding category considered to be the fastest growing segment within the transportation industry in the U.S.,” said David Shan, President, Massimo Motor. “The innovative features, functionality and proven power train of this new platform create a new hybrid class of UTV’s that offer utility, sport, power and style unparalleled by another other brand. ATOM was instrumental in pulling out all the stops and delivering a world-class solution that will help grow our global market share. We’re looking forward to our continued partnership with many more exciting programs yet to come between the companies.”

About ATOM

ATOM is an award winning full service product development firm specializing on the development of emerging innovative products, technologies and markets. Headquartered in the techhub at SkySong innovation center in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company continues to create transformative and disruptive solutions that range from transportation, consumer electronics, medical and indisutrial applications. For more information, please visit

About Massimo Motor

Dedicated to providing affordable, reliable, innovative and enjoyable off-road units to all consumers, Massimo Motor offers the utmost quality, value and pride of ownership to its customers through a spirit of technology and business management. Partnering with its dealers to increase brand awareness, customer satisfaction and profitability, Massimo Motors is also committed to promoting social and environmental responsibility. 

July 17, 2014


Owners of Company at SkySong Join SGA Board of Directors

The Scottsdale Gateway Alliance is pleased to announce the appointment of Yani and Jodi Deros to our Board of Directors. Partners in business and in life, Yani and Jodi own and operate ATOM headquartered at SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center.

ATOM is a unique and diverse business operation. The company is an internationally recognized, full-service product development and innovation firm that commercializes new products and break-through technologies for start-ups to global companies. Their successes range from reinventing the timeless hammer, creating advanced medical devices to designing the next generation off-road UTV vehicles.

Since Yani and Jodi relocated their business from Phoenix to Scottsdale’s SkySong more than two years ago, they have found the move rewarding. “Innovation, technology and creativity are all in the heart of our firm. The talent and energy of the companies within the SkySong community create a truly exhilarating environment for our headquarters,” Yani says.

“We are also giving back by providing much needed mentoring support to the fresh start-ups originating from ASU’s Edson Program. Being completely immersed in all aspects of the SkySong ecosystem is a tremendous experience.”

Since ATOM moved to SkySong on first floor of Building 1, their business has thrived, so much so that they have doubled their office space and quadrupled their staff.

“The renewed vitality in Southern Scottsdale is very gratifying, so we’re honored to be asked by SGA to play a principal part in the revitalization of the McDowell Road Corridor,” Jodi says. “Yani and I are looking forward to working with the community to ensure that this area of our city prospers.”

Yani and Jodi will be assets to SGA and our Board of Directors. We expect them to bring a fresh approach and new voices to the discussions about the future of the McDowell Road Corridor. In fact, they have already volunteered to be SGA’s ambassadors in raising awareness of McDowell Road opportunities for businesses located at SkySong.

Yani and Jodi join the SGA Board of Directors whose members are Jeff Berghoff of Berghoff Design, Dana Close of Close Communications Services, Maragaret Dunn of Dunn Transportation and Brian Krob, co-founder of Aline Design, a Southern Scottsdale architectural firm. 

Source - The Scottsdale Gateway Alliance (PDF)


June 30, 2014


Bretford® received the Best of Show award from Tech & Learning for the Juice® Power System at ISTE 2014. ATOM was tasked with designing the system after an extensive STREAM Research® campaign identified unmet needs in the current learning environments.



June 4, 2014

ATOM partners with Massimo Motors to establish a solid brand in the UTV marketplace.

Check out the new Alligator 700 series to see the product development as well as the nationally broadcast TV spot we created as part of a collaborative branding campaign. The spot is premiering on the Outdoor Channel as we speak. This is a great example of our one-stop-shop when it comes to launching new products and businesses. From the product development to the brand we have the creative and strategic solutions.


July 4, 2013

Original 13

As we all prepare to celebrate the 4th of July tomorrow - we take a moment in 2013 to reflect back some 237 years ago to a group of visionaries that had a glorious IDEA- one that would alter the destiny of a fledgling group of colonies- 13 to be exact, setting in motion a remarkable series of events that still resonate over two hundred years later.

Our Founding Fathers needed something to reinforce what freedom meant through a simple design- that of a flag with stars and stripes representing not only the 13 colonies but a powerful symbol designed to reflect their beliefs, values, and sovereignty of a great, new Nation.

In 1777, Secretary of the Congress Charles Thompson wrote the original definition of the Seal of our Nation. In his report he stated: A simple design of the flag with stars and stripes represents and symbolizes an altered history of our nation and our world.

"The colors of the pales are those used in the flag of the United States of America;

RED represents hardiness and valour,

WHITE signifies purity and innocence, and

BLUE, the color of the chief, signifies vigilance, perserverance and justice."

Today our country celebrates its independence, continuing to hold fast in the freedom which our nation has been built upon. We give thanks to all those that have defended our principles, liberties and beliefs that others aspire to each day.

Imagine our country without the freedoms of establishing an idea and turning it into a monument. You have the ability to do it and are given the right to pursue those inspirations.

What great, new ideas will you embark upon in order to create your own revolution?


December 19, 2012 :: Atom Inspires Innovation

July 20, 2011 :: Cutting branches, costs and crime with diverse new products by ATOMDesign

PHOENIX – January 10 2011 - Design awards continue to pile up for ATOMDesign as its innovative products turn heads and turn profits.

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July 20, 2010 :: Arizona Companies Put the I.D. in Fido

--( fi.d.o (notice the I.D. in the name), is an innovative new kiosk system for creating personal pet identity tags that has customers mesmerized and pet tag sales soaring. It will be showcased at the Arizona Technology Council Partnering Conference scheduled for July 22 at the Scottsdale Hilton Resort and Villas. The public is invited and attendees will get a chance to experience the kiosk and receive a free customized pet tag.

Read more.


June 20, 2008 :: TASER International Announces AXON Tactical Network

TASER International, a market leader in advanced electronic control devices, has partnered with ATOM to design and engineer the revolutionary new tactical system called the TASER™ AXON™ (Autonomous eXtended On-Officer Network). The new AXON will be unveiled at TASER’s annual user conference on June 20, 2008.

The AXON is a tactical audio-video recording and networking device designed to be worn by first responders such as law enforcement officers, soldiers, and private security. AXON integrates audio-video recording capability with tactical communications. The state of the art audio-video earpiece with imager, speaker, and microphone integrates into the communication loop between existing radios and the communications headset, recording video of critical incidents from the visual perspective of the officer.

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July 20, 2007 :: BusinessWeek promotes International Design Excellence Awards. ATOM wins bronze in category for the S2 Split-head hammmer.

Click here to view press release.


July 20, 2007 :: BusinessWeek promotes International Design Excellence Awards. ATOM wins bronze in category for the S2 Split-head hammmer.


July 6, 2007 :: International Design Magazine (I.D.) named the S2 Best of Category (Equipment) in its 53rd annual product design competition

"The equiptment category can be summed up as the story of the hammer and the hematoma detector. By the end of the first round of judging, Tucker Viemeister, Anna Rabinowicz, and Mark Frauenfelder had already chosen this year's top winner: The S2 split-head hammer—with its brushed carbon-steel head and its hickory wood handle adorned with two dark dots forming the ATOM logo..."

Click here to read the rest of the article.









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