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Boston, MA

ATOM is expanding into the nations fastest hottest growing technology and innovation regions in the country - BOSTON, MA. Our new office at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) locates us squarely in the midst of the huge technology and medical community that continues to thrive thanks to the world-class Universities and Institutions such as MIT and Harvard who are now our new neighbors! As well as the other 141 campuses located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that lend themselves to a rich, diverse, cultural, and creative academia. Many who bring their intellectual ideas and property to the forefront of discovery in order to disrupt entire market segments.

The CIC is home to over 500 start-up and global corporation and has the distinction of possessing the largest concentration of Venture Capital in one location any where in the world- Latest figure $7.5 Billion- yes with a B!

Our goal in Boston is to focus on our core competency in emerging technologies and medical markets which we have delivered many successful solutions over the years. We will be easy to find on One Broadway Street in Kendal Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Scottsdale, AZ- Headquarters

The Southwest has emerged as a hotbed of innovation for the country. Blessed with 320 days of sunshine and a melting pot of talent who arrive daily from around the globe, ATOM anchors a stunning world class technology facility: Skysong Innovation Center based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Skysong is an epicenter of technology and innovation that is bursting with energy, youth and culture striving to transform the world on a daily basis. The team is thrilled to play an instrumental role within the entire environment and community that has no borders to collaborate, create and celebrate innovation with entrepreneurs and corporations, all under one influential roof.

By becoming a cornerstone in this thriving environment of technology and innovation, ATOM has established a symbiotic relationship with one of the most prestigious and respected universities in the world- Arizona State University. Our team mentors the best and brightest start-ups from ASU’s Edson program who begin their journey in the halls of Skysong. We assist in providing business strategy, leadership, and support for these emerging technologies while we continue to be a regular contributor and corporate partner to ASU’s Innovation Space.

You can’t miss us as you walk in the doors of building 1475. Our gallery-like reception area, with its screaming orange wall, makes people not only notice us but walk in and browse through our collection of products on display much like a gallery or storefront. What other design shop can claim they have “walk-in traffic”?


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