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How HVAC Providers’ Key Insights Will Drive Next Gen Smart Thermostats

Next Gen Smart Thermostats

Due to the ever changing landscape of the connected home market, creating a seamless customer experience has become increasingly important.

As consumers look to lower their heating and cooling bills with more energy efficient smart thermostats, they are faced with a myriad of choices.

South Scottsdale is Humming with Revitalization and Rebranding

We all have heard of product branding but what does it take to brand an entire city?

An incredible campaign that continues to resonate with people more than 35 years later, is the iconic “I Love New York” rebranding of New York.

Avoid Startup Failure with STREAM Research

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Nobody wants to start a company with the idea it might fail. That would be a buzz kill and defeat the power in the innovation. But like many, most never even consider it.

Yet even optimistic entrepreneurs need a reality check before beginning a process that will sap them of their time, energy and money- as well as their investors.

Convert Your Bike into an Electric Bike in 60 Seconds


As a leading product development and innovation firm, we at ATOM, know a great idea when we see it, even if it does involve reinventing the wheel.

Such is the case with GeoOrbital. The company, which is currently generating press all over the world based on a current crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter, offers a mechanized / battery combo wheel that can replace a standard bicycle front wheel to transform any bike into an electric bike in less than 60 seconds.

Next Big Idea; How ATOM Gets it Done.

ATOM just celebrated its 13th anniversary, launched on 03/03/03, and we haven’t looked back! We wanted to share a few of our top achievements in Product Development and Innovation over the years:


A Lesson in Knowing Your Audience

A Lesson in Knowing Your Audience

Last week, I briefly watched the NFL’s Buffalo Bills and New York Jets Thursday Night Football game, and quickly switched channels. Partly because - in my opinion - football is just okay, but also because the solid red and green uniforms made me…flustered.

A Whole New Meaning to "Blending In"


We know that we cannot become invisible. Yet. But don't tell that to James Bond as the new Spectre movie previews elude to tricks 007 has up his sleeve. Perhaps he will cloak himself and his ever so cool Aston Martin to become even more elusive than ever.

Cannelloni is to Manicotti as Product Development is to Product Design


Cannelloni, manicotti…Manicotti, cannelloni. Both delicious Italian cuisines, however two different dishes that are often confused for one another. While reading about one of my favorite Italian Chef’s, Chef Gabe, and his desire to make authentic pasta just like mamma, he spoke about not confusing cannelloni with manicotti.

Hmm. Why would one do that? Well, I will openly admit that I certainly do not know enough about the ins and outs of authentic Italian cuisine. And since my trip to the motherland of extruded flour and egg creations, I have discovered so much more than the typical pasta dishes found in the U.S. – so for the not classically trained Italian chef, confusing the many varieties of yummy cheese filled pasta is understandable.

Rad dudes cleaning up the Oceans

 BureoInfoGraphicTurn nets into decks, brah! The Bureo skateboard company moto (minus the ‘brah’ part) - which is made up of group of rad dudes looking to initiate social change and inspire a brighter future.

Bureo designs and manufactures a sustainable line of skateboards made from recycled fishing nets in Chile. The underlying mission is to provide a solution to the growing plastic pandemic in our oceans, where fishnets make up about 10% of the ocean plastic pollution. Bureo started by establishing the first ever fishnet collection and recycling program in Chile called ‘Net Positiva’, which provides an efficient way for fishermen to properly dispose of fishnets.


Prototyping: Invest now to save time and dollars later.


Companies take risks but why skip a critical step in the process and put your products future at stake?

Experiencing the immeasurable importance of taking your product through the prototype stage will not only ensure the accuracy of the new parts and assembly but also validate any proof-of-concept at key stages.


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